Garments transport

Garments transport

Garments transport

We know how fragile textile materials are and how easy they can be damaged. Therefore, we provide garments transport services at the highest quality standards. From sophisticated suits and wedding dresses or men’s suits to raw textile materials, we make sure that each fabric is transported in the best conditions, without suffering the slightest change. You can count on ourhanginggarments delivery services becausewe put at your disposal specialized and fully equipped vans.

Providing vehicles of different tonnages and capacities, performant equipment, we put at your disposal garments transport services adapted to of any kind of requirement. Our equipments are kept in perfect condition as we take care to clean them constantly. We assure you that your garmentswill be transported in the best conditions without getting wrinkled, dirty, scratched or even broken and will arrive intact at the destination.
Choosing our services, you benefit from:

Fully-equiped auto park

We provide you a fully equipped car park with Mercedes Sprinter vehicles, bodied vans and minivans, fitted for hanging garments transport. Our vehicles are equipped with 16 standers, 8 standers on the top row and 8 standers on the bottom row, each stender having a fastening system for hangers to avoid their detachment. Each stender is composed of a velcro-type fastener counter- bar and a hedgehog, having the ability to increase or decrease the distance between the top row and the bottom one depending on the length of the garments.

To avoidany damage or the soiling of the garmets during loading and unloading, we make sure that all our vans are equipped with carpets which are constantly cleaned. Our vehicles have an usable capacity of 1700kg up to a maximum authorized capacity of 3500 kg, avolume of 14 cubic meters, a maximum height of 180 cm and a maximum length of 420 cm.

Permanent transport quality control

To be sure that our garments transport services takes place in the best conditions, we communicate constantly with our drivers, regardless of the area they are in. For you not to have any worry about the transport, we monitor the garmentsfrom the moment they are lifted and loaded into vans, until the moment they are unloaded and delivered to their destination. If any incidents occur during transport, your garmets are insured.Also, our advanced tracking systems help us to always be aware of the trails conditionand to modify the route, if needed, because we want to deliver your garments at the highest safety standards.

We want to offer the best services, which is why we take into account each client’s opinion. The feedback we receive leads us to constantly improve ourgarments transportservices and to optimize costs,adapting themto the current market demands. Therefore, our goal is to satisfy our clients’ requirements and to permanently take our services to the next level of professionalism.

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