Transport services

Transport services

Transport services

We offer you a wide range of transport services for freight, garments and furniture both internally and externally – in the European Union countries. Because our customers’ satisfaction is always a priority, the services that we provide put your needs first, ensuring you fast and secure deliveries at optimal costs. Our long-term vision involves the establishment of sustainable partnerships based on mutual respect and trust. We assure you that your freight will arrive at the destination in the best conditions, at an affordable price. Because we want to offer you a pleasant experience we make sure to maintain a range of transport services at the highest quality standards. For this reason we have long-term partnerships with our customers, which recommend us further. With a complete portfolio regarding theterrestrial delivery services, a professional team and advanced equipment, you can count on us anytime.

Our team

The services that we provide aredeveloping with the necessities and requirements of our customers. Therefore, we are receptive to the opinions from our customers. As they count on us when it comes to transport, we count on their opinions to improve our services. We consider any opinionto be able to offer you the best transport services. Depending on your requirements, we put at your disposal our team of experts with experience in loading, unloading and transport.Because we are passionate about what we do, we approach each demand as a new challenge and we try to be as good as possible.

Throughout our long experience, we found that the care we have for our team members transfer to care for our clients. Thus, we treat every team member with respect and trust, relationship that reflects on the relationships with our customers. So when you contact the representants of Trans Marvel, you will benefit from transport services offered by dedicated people, passionate about their work and ready to respond seriously and promptly to any of your requests.

Our auto park

By choosing our range of services, your cargo will be transported with our performant Mercedes Sprinter  vans, for both freight and hanging garments transport. We have a usable capacity of 1700 kg up to a maximum authorized capacity of 3500 kg, a volume of 14 cubic meters, a maximum height of 180 cm and a maximum length of 420 cm. With an experience of more than 8 years in both internal and external transport, we are a trustworthy partner you can count on at anytime. For the deliveries that we do to proceed safely, we make sure that the vehicles we put at your disposal have their revisions updated. We value the quality of our transport services, which is why we always use original spare parts, assembled by authorized car dealers and service stations.

The way you can benefit from ourservices is very simple. To send us an order, you can contact us both by calling us using the phone numbers listed on the site or by completing the online order form. We will answer your request promptly, in less than 24 hours.

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